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 Rebuilding the Maori Global  Indigenous Nation

PUBLIC NOTICE DECREE:  The Independent Sovereign Wha Atua Aotearoa Hapu State-Nation and the Wha Atua Government of Aotearoa are an Independent Sovereign Nation, and NOT, … under or part-of the Colonial Government of New Zealand and The Crown/United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland government's jurisdiction or its laws, pursuant to Maori Law and International Law.


The Independent Sovereign Wha Atua Aotearoa Nation and the Wha-Atua Government of Aotearoa's Sovereign Powers, Authority and Laws originate from Article 2 of the 1835 Declaration of Independence signed on 28th October 1835 by 34  Sovereign Maori Chiefs pursuant to International Law.


The 1835 Declaration of Independence was signed and recognized by United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland represented by James Busby Consular, The U.S.A represented by James Clendon Consular, The New South Wales Government of Australia represented by the Secretary of Colonies Governor Burke and The Dutch Government’s East India Company representative, and Henry Williams, George Clark, Gilbert Mair et al.

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