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Maori & Indigenous 1st Nations Schools & Universities

Wha Atua Maori Global Indigenous Nation Education Committee will review current Indigenous Nation pre-school to High School and University education systems, management, education & cultural programs for funding, worldwide. Several education models are being considered as funding will build new schools and facilities and education programs, on Indigenous nation lands, commencing 2021. 

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!st Nations University Canada
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University of Waikato (Te Whare Wananga

As we move on into the future we will introduce a new advanced learning system to enhance our skills and capabilities to adapt to our upcoming challenges of our ever-changing world. We have been searching for different methods of teachings, as we know that all nations are unique and excel in different ways. Rather than applying one system for common nations, we understand that the system present is limited at adapting to our students, there for understanding one's nation we have found a unique system that will adapt to our individual people and enhance our education over a lesser time. When there are more problems than solutions that exist today and this will only increase as time passes by, we understand that these skills are required and needed before more problems arise, so advanced education has become a top priority for our nation. Therefore unlocking our people’s full potential will increase our ideas, vision, and futures as well as preventing the problems before they happen.

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