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H.E. is the Minister of Trade based at the Maori Trade Office (MTO) in Singapore and Registrar of Corporations of the State.

H.E, Ambassador Simon Leck is also Director of the Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa (MCBA) and was the advisor to Chief of Cabinet for Deputy Prime Minister Yim Chhaily in Cambodia and Thailand, and managed the Representative office in Cambodia for the International Finance and Global Governance Research institute ICC, National Development and Reform Commission of China .

H.E. was also Vice Chairman to Chinese government organisation from china to source for high yield infrastructure projects for china belt and road in Thailand, promoting a number of potential projects from low cost housing, power plant, power-line cables, aviation projects

H.E. previously executed telecom contracts with Chunghwa Telecom, Fareast Telecom in Taiwan, Tata communication India, Global Telecom Philippines, VNPT, Vietnam and many others incumbent telecom operators.


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