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General Terms and Conditions

Upon receipt of the Applicants membership information and attachments, and after the due diligence has been approved, the Applicants details will be submitted into our database system on a secure server. All information submitted shall be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose, without the Applicants written approval.


Upon the Membership Application being approved along with a ten (10) year membership/number, and membership application fee of US$30.00. paid online through our website, our office will arrange for the Membership Card to be printed and post/courier as soon as possible.

The State may arrange, as a benefit for being a Member, a digital E-wallet account for immediate use through our authorized licensed financial provider. (Please submit a copy of Applicants current identification card, current passport and current proof of address. Further information maybe required.   CONTACT: ... should you require clarification.


Should the Applicant choose to apply for an standard Sovereign Global Maori Indigenous Nation Identification Card and a standard Global Maori Indigenous Nation Passport of the State, the Applicant can make a request by email. The standard Maori Global Indigenous passport allows the Holder to travel freely internationally, but does not allow citizenship of the State. Applying for citizenship of the State requires different protocols and immigration requirements. Further information can be provided upon request. 

Should the Applicant request a standard Global Passport and a standard Identification Card of the Independent Sovereign Maori Nation of Aotearoa, this may require further information for approval. Once approved, you will be notified by email and requested to provide an electronic passport size photograph on a white background, wearing no hats, no scarf, no glasses, current I.D. Card, current passport and fingerprints. (Please attach electronic passport photograph)


Due diligence may take approximately 4-6 weeks before an standard Identification Card and standard Global Passport can be issued, at which time you will be notified by email that you have been approved. An standard Identification Card will cost US$100.00 and an standard Passport will cost US$500.00, plus courier charges to your designated address.

Upon receipt of the $600.00 payment, a digital e-Wallet account may be opened in the Applicants name and US$500.00 credited to the account for use and investment, after, the account opening forms sent for members signature has been signed and returned by email. NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE PAID IN USD. To facilitate such projected services, we may utilize our authorized licensed financial trading platform Act Trader, based in Wall Street New York NY, USA.   

Future projected benefits of becoming a member may allow you to use the Maori Electronic Gold (MEG) currency and digital payment system, via our state of the art highly secured Fintech banking system integrating your personal e-Wallet accounts using our unique bar-code identification whenever you need to perform any transaction online worldwide and/or at any retail/wholesale outlets registered with our bar-code system, via your mobile telephone. Services are projected to be operational approximately in the next 6-8 months as the IT Team commences implementation, activation and testing of the Maori Global Digital Currency systems.

Further projected benefits are expected to come online in approximately in the next 8-10 months, such as affordable healthcare insurance & services, affordable pre-school to high school education at the Maori Global Indigenous Academy of the UN & the Maori Global Indigenous University of the UN, and, affordable housing development and employment opportunities supported by up-skill training and work-
education, as we link-in to the relevant corporations and institutions who will provide such 

All Applications submitted are processed and implemented on a best efforts basis while maintaining full confidentiality and final approvals are based on the Laws of Aotearoa and International Law. This service and the projected benefits are continually under development, while we make best efforts to provide accurate and timely information, as the States Management Team implements the projected benefits and we make no guarantees due to the global political dynamics and approvals required from the host Nations involved. We will make best efforts to bring about the benefits through our organisation in a timely manner.

Form No. AR-2020-001