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Sovereign Chiefs of Aotearoa
Council of Rulers

General Responsibilities

The Confederation of Sovereign Rulers Council consists of a Sovereign Chief from each Hapu Rohe-State member who meets on 28th October every year (Aotearoa Independence Day) to review and make recommendations regarding Hapu concerns. (Wise Council)


The Sovereign Rulers Council will also host/welcome all visiting Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers, world leaders, United Nations dignitaries and Missions from all nations & indigenous nations. All official foreign state affairs regarding such world leaders and governments shall be governed by Wha Atua Aotearoa Federal Government.


The Sovereign Rulers Council will also host a Central Finance Committee (CFC), with an appointed CEO & Staff to oversee and approve all Hapu Rohe-State Government budgets. The CFC will also consist of a representative of each Hapu Rohe-State Government whereby CEO approval plus each Hapu Rohe-State representative will be required for the annual budget signoff. Upon annual budget signoff approval being sent to the Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa (MCBA) Treasury, each Hapu Rohe-State E-Wallet accounts will be credited/debited according to each budget.


CFC Annual Budget will also be required to host each meeting, plus travel and accommodation for the Confederation of Sovereign Ruler members and hosting expenses for visiting dignitaries.

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