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Sovereign Office

His Majesty Arikinui Manukau III
is the Head of State,  Commander-In-Chief of the States Armed Forces/Security Forces, Navy, Air force and Intelligence, and endorses all enactments sanctioned and passed by the State Government in Congress assembled.

The Maori Nation is a federal system of Independent Sovereign Tribal Nations (9 Kingdoms), based on their own tikanga (lores) customs and practices. His Majesty's Family are descendants of several Sovereign Chiefs spanning back some 42 generations, and a long list of notable Sovereign Chief Warriors, namely, Kawharu the Giant of the 17th Century said to stand at least 10 feet tall.


The Sovereign Chief Rewa Rewa Manukau was also a Giant Warrior with 10 wives spread out over several hundred kilometres of Hapu Rohe (lands) in a place named Manukau City, Manukau Harbour and reaching to the Kaipara Region. His Majesty Arikinui Manukau is a direct descendant of such notable Sovereign Warriors, that today consist of His Majesty Wha Atua Tribal Family members.

His Majesty Arikinui Manukau Royal Family is linked through His Majesty's direct family lineage, as the Great Nephew of the Historic and Notable His Majesty Sultan Mohamad Dana Rasa Manukau and his son, Sultan Mohamad Hasan Kuth Pangrango of Indonesia. Sultan Dana Rasa is known as the King of Kings and King of West Java Kingdom, one of the 5 Kingdoms. The 4 other Kingdoms are lead by Sultan Hamenkubuwono IX of Central Java; Sultan Hasan Udin of Sulawase Island; Sultan Iskanda Muda of Sumatra; Sultan Agung of East Java, who collectively represent some 8 million people/family (Whanau).

His Majesty Sultan Dana Rasa moved thousands of tons of gold bullion ingots to UBS Zurich Switzerland and signed the Green Hilton Agreement in 1963 with President J.F. Kennedy, President Soekarno and many other world leaders to underpin all Nations destroyed after the 2nd World War. And, Sultan Dana Rasa deposited several trillion USD into his Dana Rasa account at the World Bank D.C..His son, His Majesty Mohamad Hasan Kuth Pangrango, became his legal successor and he recently passed away and transferred the sole and full legal succession to the Family's Gold & USD, to His Majesty Arikinui Manukau.


His Majesty Arikinui Manukau Maori Wha-Atua (4 Gods) Tribe’s Missing Cultural Links, reveal incredible historical events and indisputable evidence illuminating the Tribe’s ancient cultural origins, H.M. Arikinui’s Family DNA links to the God Anak & the volcano mountain named Anak Krakatau in Java. And, the original ancient Gunung Padang Pyramid standing some 885 meters above sea level, found on H.M. Arikinui’s Family land in Java Indonesia dating back some 30,000 years ago to Anunnaki 4 Gods.

The Families/Tribes historical research is ongoing and regularly updated, it has been established that H.M. Arikinui Manukau III Family ancestors are direct descendants of the 4 Anunnaki Gods, dating back more than 10,000 years ago, hence the tribe derives its ancient name Wha Atua (4 Gods).

As the Anunnaki colonise planet earth thousands of years ago, Arikinui ancestors and their descendants, are the offspring of the God Anak of Indonesia and Enki. The Nephilim (Rephaim) engineers who designed, engineered and constructed the pyramids, temples and statues around the globe and are built on Arikinui Family lands in Java Indonesia, around 2,500 years ago, are said to be much older. The Anunnaki then proceeded to colonize the Pacific Nations and arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand around 150 AD where you can find many standing megalithic structures in a place called Taupo and throughout New Zealand. The first Maori migration from the Pacific arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand around 1200 AD. 

The Gods ruled Earth thousands of years ago as identified in many Sumerian clay tablets written 10,000 yrs ago, and in several ancient books in detail, the Book of Enoch, the Book of Genesis, the Red Sea Scrolls et al, and the Anunnaki Gods are referred to in the Bible.

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