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Prime Ministers Office

Ravi pp photo 2022.jpeg

PRIME MINISTER - H.R.H. His Excellency Ravi Takyar was newly appointed as Vice President and Prime Minister on 1st January 2022 for the Indigenous Sovereign State-Hapu-Nation, Wha Atua Aotearoa, by His Majesty's Sovereign Decree.


With many years of professional experience in international affairs, social economics, and governmental relations, Prime Minister H.R.H. His Excellency Ravi Takyar executed an international treaty agreement on behalf of Wha Atua Aotearoa Maori Government with the Supreme Council for Arab-African Economy represented by Dr.  Hani Hassan Abu Zaid and the International Society of Diplomats Professor Edet Bassey Ekpenyong in recognition of the Wha Atua Aotearoa State and the Maori Government, and, for investment and social-economic development throughout the Arab and African nations.

In addition, as Prime Minister H.R.H. His Excellency, Ravi Takyar formalizes diplomatic relations with Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, and the European Union, the Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa moves to establish its offices in 2022.

As His Majesty Arikinui Manukau III and the Prime Minister, H.R.H. His Excellency Ravi Takyar form an Alliance with the  Arab, African, Central Asian, and European Nations are known as the Maori Global Investment Alliance (MGIA) that will link into all Indigenous Nations, His Majesty and corporate partners will invest several trillion Euro for social-economic development and key infrastructure projects throughout the Alliance Nation economies, with no debt.

The MCBA employs a custom-designed FINTECH digital IT banking architecture that combines a Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading Platform and the SWIFT DLT/API real-time integrated interface systems. MCBA’s FINTECH platform streamlines the flow of money, goods, and services (MGS) simplifying end-to-end settlements in real-time with financial institutions, wholesalers, retailers, and customers, a truly vertically integrated digital system, that underpins and drives businesses within the MGIA Alliance Nations economies.

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